Springhill Suites by Marriott, San Jose, CA - This hospitality video was created to highlight the great features at a new hotel in downtown San Jose, CA.

The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, CO - Because the Broadmoor is such a uniquely beautiful destination, we chose to omit narrative from this advertisement. Rather, breathtaking natural scenes are integrated with splendid décor and architecture and highlighted by the visual choices we've made. We know you’ll agree—by the end of this captivating footage, the message “Come Stay Here” is loud and clear!

Argus by Azumio - This commercial was concepted and created to show how Azumio's life-tracking app, Argus, can be used to do more than just count calories.

Costco "The Floor" - This excerpt ties together the narrative segments from a thirty-minute-long corporate achievement video that was commissioned for Costco's annual corporate meeting.

Bartleby's Book of Buttons Promo - This fun and friendly app launch video was created off of a handful of assets and screen grabs provided to us by the developer.

Lifetrak C300 - This day-in-the-life commercial was our fun and playful approach to Lifetrak's wearable fitness tracker watch. The Client wanted to highlight features like phone syncing and heart rate monitoring.

Sleep Time by Azumio - This commercial for Azumio's "Sleep Time" sleep tracking app emphasizes the ease-of-use and benefits of tracking your sleep using their mobile app.

In 2015, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society undertook a campaign to protect hatchling sea turtles in memory of Jairo Mora Sandoval, an environmental activist murdered in Costa Rica while protecting these endangered species from poaching. Before filming these conservation efforts in both Honduras and Florida, we produced two call-to-action videos for Operation Jairo, one in Spanish (with subtitles) and one in English. Our team is fluent in Spanish and several other languages, which makes us perfect for international productions.


The Last Drop - Documentary concept reel, assembled with interview and reference material.

Beijing Crusader - This is a short documentary produced in partnership with the Communication University of China that profiles a Chinese attorney who is crusading to clean up Beijing.

Whale Wars Season 6 - This excerpt from the broadcast show illustrates our diverse skill set when capturing footage, day or night, in challenging conditions, such as those present in Antarctica.

Whale Wars Season 7 - This excerpt from the broadcast show provides a good example of the story and work product we created while on location in Antarctica.

This video was produced while on campaign with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as a way for supporters to engage with and get to know the volunteers on the ground.


Yuneec needed to capture and hold the attention of passersby at major industry conferences to showcase their UAVs. We communicated both the quality of the images produced and the capabilities of these UAVs in these crowded, advertising-packed venues by creating high-impact videos to stream continuously on multiple screens as a backdrop for their booth display.

We produced this video to support Yuneec’s launch of the 4K Q500 sUAV at the National Association of Broadcasters annual conference (NAB) in Las Vegas. By beta testing this unreleased prototype in an actual working environment, we helped Yuneec overcome technical malfunctions prior to the aircraft's release. We were able to achieve pristine footage from this UAV, which, at the time, was about to become a cutting-edge aerial video platform.